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Welcome to SuperCity Mortgages & Insurance!

SuperCity Mortgages & Insurance are one of New Zealand’s leading independently owned mortgage and insurance advisory firms. As Registered Financial Advisers, we specialise in helping our clients grow and protect their wealth throughout their financial lifecycle.

Our team collectively has more than 150 years’ combined experience in lending, banking, insurance, property investment and law.

We came together with a common goal: to pass knowledge on to receptive clients who are wanting to create and protect their wealth. Our advisers each have their own specialties, and we work together to provide a complete lending, advice and insurance service. Connecting money, insurance, accounting and law enables a smooth process for our clients.

We cover these areas to ensure complete confidence and peace of mind for every stage of the financial life cycle: setting goals, reducing debt, building an investment portfolio, wealth distribution and managing setbacks through asset protection.

SuperCity Mortgages

We find that close to 80% of our new clients are not reaching their potential with interest rate offerings and their loan structure is simply not working for them. On your behalf, our service can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars across the life of your loans.

We show you how to advance through the financial life-cycle by optimising your lending structure to create and unlock your equity. This is the foundation for wealth creation through property.

As advisers, we work for you, not for the bank, ensuring we have your best interests at heart. This gives our clients great confidence when we present the deal to the wide range of main bank and non-bank lenders we work with. We would rather see money in your pocket than in the banks’ profits. We are a $500 million per year relationship to the banks, with thousands of clients across New Zealand and around the world. Let our level of influence and leverage benefit you.

SuperCity Insurance

We strongly believe that your most valuable asset is: You.

When your health or your ability to earn an income is compromised it often has devastating financial impacts on individuals, families and businesses. This is why we help you financially safeguard against a loss of income, premature death, injury or illness. The team at SuperCity Insurance can help you assess what financial impacts might ensue and provide solutions that achieve a protection plan tailored to your specific needs and budget.

When events happen you can have peace of mind knowing there’s only one phone call you need to make and that’s to us. We have strong relationships with insurers and we facilitate your claims by working with you, your insurer and other allied professionals (like your medical specialists) to help you back on your feet again.
If you’re looking for property finance, business funding, or insurance, please get in touch.

You can click on the “let’s chat” button on this page, email us or give us a call.