Our Team

Joel Oliver, Managing Director at SuperCity Mortgages

Joel loves helping his clients create wealth through property. His 15 years lending and banking experience, together with the unmatched service he provides, has placed him as one of the leading mortgage advisers in NZ. The independence of acting as a mortgage adviser allows Joel to find the solutions and provide the tools that enables his clients to meet their goals and realise their financial dreams. With his extensive knowledge of lending structures and wide network of professionals he can recommend, Joel adds value to each transaction to ensure the process is seamless and stress-free from start to finish. His client for life philosophy is just one of the positive traits that attracts new loyal clients and is a solid part of the culture that resonates with the SuperCity Team. Joel is a Registered Financial Adviser.

Email: joel@supercitymortgages.co.nz
Mob: 021 884 181

Susan Bell, Mortgage Adviser at SuperCity Mortgages

Susan has 12 year’s experience as a lender having worked across the major New Zealand Banks & financial institutions. Susan’s attention to detail, effective listening skills and extensive knowledge of the NZ banking industry, arms her with the confidence to deal with all lending scenarios to achieve the most favourable results possible.
Her strong relationships and respect that she holds with the Banks will ensure that you will benefit directly with the easiest terms and best pricing possible.
Susan’s underling goal is to simplify the home loan process for you with regular communication, guiding you in the right direction so the work you are required to do is minimised and void of any stress. Most importantly, get to know you and create long term working relationships which is aligned to her strong client centric philosophy.

Email: susan@supercitymortgages.co.nz
Mob: 021 829 937

Lauren Young, Senior Mortgage Adviser at SuperCity Mortgages

With experience at major banks and with borrowers from all walks of life, Lauren Young loves to solve problems for her loyal clients. She has worked in business, commercial and private banking, as well as with investment portfolios. Her attention to detail, effective listening skills and in-house knowledge of New Zealand’s banking industry give her an invaluable toolkit to assist any borrower. 

Lauren works with clients across a range of industries and is particularly good at finding solutions for the self-employed and business owners. Whether you’re refinancing a mortgage, an avid investor or buying a property for the first time, Lauren always delivers honesty, professionalism and integrity. 

Lauren is a Registered Financial Adviser who builds life-long client relationships that help you manage your mortgages. She looks at not only your short-term requirements, but how you can protect and grow your wealth throughout your life - setting you up correctly now to reduce your stress in the future.  

Email: lauren@supercitymortgages.co.nz
Mob: 022 092 8185

Marchy Pang, Mortgage Adviser at SuperCity Mortgages

With over 9 year’s experience in banking and mortgages at two major banks in New Zealand, Marchy has a great understanding and knowledge in these areas.
This enables him to provide the best solutions for his clients so they can make informed decisions that assists them in achieving their financial goals.

Immigrating from Hong Kong 15 years ago, Marchy can speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English to meet all your needs. His passion for delivering excellent customer service and always having his clients best interest at heart has set him as a consistent high performer in his career. Whether you are a first home buyer, an experienced property investor, or looking for the best refinancing packages, Marchy is able to walk you through the process and place your application with a provider that best fits your needs. Marchy will be your point of contact from day one and he will look after the ongoing management of your mortgages by contacting you proactively when your loan is up for renewal.

Marchy has a Finance degree and is a Registered Financial Adviser.

Email: marchy@supercitymortgages.co.nz
Mob: 021 305 008

Andrew Chong, Mortgage Adviser at SuperCity Mortgages

Andrew has 20 years banking and lending experience at 2 major New Zealand banks. Andrew's successes has been anchored in his passion for delivering excellent customer service and adding value beyond financial transactions. He recognizes that each customer will require a different solution and hence is always willing to listen and provide recommendations to ensure his customers are best informed of all options and collectively work with each of them to achieve their lending goals.

Migrated to New Zealand 29 years ago from multi-cultural Malaysia, Andrew is fluent in English, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin and few other Chinese dialects. His clients would describe Andrew as friendly and approachable and is always willing to make time for them.

If you are considering purchasing your first home, an investment property, refinance or even refixing your existing home loan or simply don't know where to start with some lending advice, feel free to contact Andrew and he is more than happy to assist.

Andrew is a Registered Financial Adviser.

Email: andrew@supercitymortgages.co.nz
Mob: 021 04 06 119
WeChat: andrewkkchong

Jinsu Kim, General Manager – Korean Division

During the past 13 years lending at the major banks of New Zealand, Jinsu has successfully helped many clients into their homes and investment properties. He specialises in residential lending and uses his extensive lending knowledge and attention to detail to help clients get the perfect solution based on their needs.

Jinsu feels passionate about helping his clients succeed and assists them all the way from the first home buying process through to maintaining their home loan after settling. His great care and service has earned the trust of many clients who have great satisfaction as having Jinsu as their first point of contact when it comes to their finances.

Jinsu is a Registered Financial Adviser

Email: jinsu@supercitymortgages.co.nz
Mob: 021 121 2115

Isha Mehta, Executive Assistant at SuperCity Mortgages

Isha is experienced in business and home lending with a demonstrated history of working in New Zealand’s banking industry. She enjoys interacting with clients from different backgrounds. With her strong communication skills and friendly nature, she builds rapport with clients and bank staff with ease.

As an Executive Assistant, Isha provides support to her dedicated Mortgage Advisers and her focus is to make lending simple for their client’s financial journey. Isha’s fundamental aim is to obtain the best deals for clients, look after and assist with their loan re-fixes and restructures and always be there to support when needed.

Email: isha@supercitymortgages.co.nz
Mob: 021 068 3380

Jaime James, Managing Director & Principal Insurance Adviser for SuperCity Insurance

Jaime James is SuperCity Insurance's managing director and is regarded as one of New Zealand's premier insurance advisers. Her reputation stems not only from her attention to detail and her tailored protection plans, but because she always has your best interests at heart. Jaime will work with you to protect your most important asset: yourself.

When your health or your ability to earn an income is compromised it often has devastating financial impacts on families and businesses. With her solid background in business, insurance and property investing, Jaime specialises in helping clients safeguard against a loss of income, premature death, injury or illness.

As a Registered Financial Adviser, Jaime assesses the potential financial impact of one of these events on your family, lifestyle and business. She provides solutions that achieve a protection plan tailored to your specific needs. When problematic events occur, you can have peace of mind, knowing there’s only one phone call you need to make. Jaime and her team facilitate your claims by working with you, your insurer and your other allied professionals to help you back on your feet again.

Email: jaime@supercityinsurance.co.nz
Mob: 021 527 069

Tashya Paul, Paraplanner & Registered Financial Adviser

Tashya’s 13 years’ experience working with New Zealand Police as a crime scene examiner and a behavioural analyst translates exceptionally well as SuperCity Insurance’s Paraplanner & Financial Adviser. Having handled highly confidential information, her blend of professionalism and exceptional attention to detail means she can identify key information to help clients in a better financial position. She loves empowering clients by sharing knowledge and financial concepts to help clients and see the aha! Her formal qualifications include a Master’s degree in Psychology. She has also completed other study’s in finance and behavioural economics. Tashya is a Registered Financial Advisor, a Starship Guardian Angel and a member of the SPCA Circle.

Email: Hello@supercityinsurance.co.nz
Mob: 021 524 705