SuperCity awarded runner up National Brokerage of the Year.

SuperCity awarded runner up National Brokerage of the Year.

Over the past 4 years, the SuperCity team have been tirelessly focused upon improving the capability and quality of our people, fine tuning our value proposition and service to our clients.
This focus has culminated in SuperCity being awarded NZFSG’s runner-up in the National Brokerage of the Year awards – sheer testament to the size and quality of business that the SuperCity team deliver.

What really makes this award significant is the context – SuperCity are a relatively small team of 15 Advisors, all of whom are respectively amongst the best within the industry… and with only 4 years of operation with a pure client growth focus, we’re still genuinely one of the youngest Mortgage Advisory firms in the business.

On top of this, we have not spent $1.00 on advertising. ALL of SuperCity’s business is generated by word of mouth. This is why you don’t see SuperCity’s brand and offering splashed all over your Facebook newsfeed, or popping up while you’re browsing the NZ Herald or Stuff – we don’t push our brand to the market, we simply respond with gusto when you advocate us and refer through your family, friends and colleagues. Our testimonials are our repeat and referred clients.

So, this award is yours to share with us. Thank you so very much for your amazing support, loyalty and advocacy.

Auckland: – It’s now a buyers’ market.

Sharpen up your negotiation skills and put down that auction paddle: Auckland is now a buyers’ market. We’re seeing more listings, fewer auctions, and apartments selling below their new CVs. For the first time in about six years, you can take your time with a purchase, do your due diligence thoroughly, and negotiate on the price.

For homeowners, buying and selling in the same market means you’re on a level playing field hence a big spike in activity from our clients buying and selling their owner occupied property. But prices are “on ice for now” according to bank economists, which also may be one reason why we’re seeing a lot of renovation lending – adding a room or a bathroom to your house can be an outstanding way to up your equity (if you can find a builder).

Thinking of borrowing? It’s a good time to borrow, refix or refinance. Lenders are feeling competitive, reducing rates in spite of fixed costs. The OCR remains at its historic low, although whether it’s next move will be up or down remains a matter for debate. The feeling here in the SuperCity office is that even if mortgage rates go up, it will be a slow and steady rise in parallel with other markets. The risk of the OCR suddenly jumping up by 2% seems virtually non-existent.

The banks know this too, which is why they’re feeling a bit more generous. You might read that cash-backs are off the table while special rates are back on, but don’t believe it. I have been getting cash-back deals reliably for years now, as well as sharp rates – obviously depending on your circumstances. From some banks, we are currently negotiating rates down to levels only 0.10% higher than the lowest rates since WW2 such as 4.09% for 12 months and 4.25% for 24 months.

So if you know people with a mortgage and they are still dealing with the bank directly, let them know that we actively manage mortgages on their behalf and ensure they receive ongoing advice and the best rates in the market. We don’t pay attention to what’s on offer at, put it that way. 500mil a year in mortgages gives us plenty of buying power which ultimately benefits all of our clients.

Meth damage deals: The new leaky homes?

Ten years ago, people I knew were buying leakers and renovating them, then selling for a tidy profit. Now, instead of taking on leakers, some of our clients are now having a go with methamphetamine damaged properties. We’ve seen people taking these properties on at very reduced prices and having them cleaned for excellent results.
Methamphetamine contamination is a major concern for landlords, tenants and owner-occupiers. It scares buyers off at a thousand paces, partly because the risks and costs are not well understood. As a result, prices can be a real bargain, provided you can have the house decontaminated at the right price. Achieve a clean test result and you can turn a lemon into a golden goose.

However, if you’re considering a house with a positive meth test, remember your preapproval may well have a clause in it that prevents your finance from final approval. The same advice goes for a leaky building or an apartment: just because the bank has said you can spend $700,000, it’s a conditional approval – you can’t rush out and spend it on anything. Please give me a call before you put in an offer or make a bid. Without checking, you may not have your finance in place. I’d hate this to happen to you and I can give you a quick answer, so drop me a note or pick up the phone.

Introducing XE Money Transfer.

SuperCity Mortgages & Insurance is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the worlds most trusted currency expert XE Money Transfer to assist our clients that are transferring funds internationally.

Sending money around the world can be expensive, time consuming, and complicated, especially if you’re relying on your bank.

But XE has changed all that with XE Money Transfer, the easy, quick and affordable alternative for both individuals and businesses.

As one of the original dot coms, they helped kick start the online revolution. So whether you’re sending money to friends or family, starting a new life abroad or expanding your business overseas, why not put them to the test and see how much you could save?

  • XE is the worlds trusted currency authority used by 300+ million people a year
  • XE Money Transfer are fee FREE
  • With no minimum or maximum transfer amounts XE can help you to send funds internationally
  • Opening an account online with XE Money Transfer is FREE and takes less than 5 minutes

XE Money Transfer exchange rates are better

We compared XE Money Transfer exchange rate with three major retail banks for a $1,000,000 AUD/NZD transfer.

Sharper exchange rates and no fees meant an XE Money Transfer client would be NZD $37,000 – 48,100 better off than with the other banks.

For more information on the XE money transfer service please contact me and I will arrange a no obligation call from our foreign exchange partner XE Money Transfer.

Driverless commute: Can you live anywhere?

Driverless cars are tipped as the technology that will make central-city premiums disappear – but we’re not so certain. If Auckland is filled with self-driving vehicles, it will make it much less stressful to commute from Karaka or Wellsford, or even from Whangerei or Pokeno. A calm drive during which you can work? That would definitely improve most people’s days.
But would it really eliminate the importance of a central location? I guess it depends how much time you’re prepared to spend in the car. A train is a similar experience, but London has a great rail system and you’ll still pay a lot more to be close to the centre of the city.

For my money, it’s way too early to plan your property buying based on self-driving car. Transport links remain a vital part of any calculations you do: how much will it cost you to get to work? What about parking? Like it or not, life revolves heavily around work. Wherever you decide to live, you need a job – Aucklanders moving to Tauranga have sometimes got a nasty surprise when it comes to finding well-paid work. Considering where to live is always a balance of compromises and costs, but unless you already have a driverless car, stick to the known factors. Location remains paramount.

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